Megan and Tommy

Megan is truly the kindest and most lovely person in the world. She does not have a nasty bone in her body, and absolutely everyone who meets her falls in love with her. You can't help it. I have known her for, oh, I don't know how many years.... 10 maybe, maybe more? I love her to pieces. So when she asked me for a photoshoot, with the adorable Tommy, I couldn't wait.
We set a date - well we set 3 dates, Plan A, Plan C and Plan D. Plan B had to be cancelled almost immediately as Megan realised she was working on that day! I have never worked with two rain-off dates before - how very organised! But the first date was fine - a bit cloudy, but the weather got better as the day went on, and we were in no hurry. Tommy had plenty of grazing in between times, so he was more than happy.
Megan had arranged for her friend Flo to come down for a few photographs too, with her pony Billy. Now I don't book more than one photoshoot in a day, but this was all part of the same shoot, and Megan had requested it so I was happy to do it. You'll see from the photos on Facebook that Flo's 2 little sisters came along too, which made for a big family outing.
We got some great images, which everyone is delighted with. Now they just have to choose which ones they want!