Graduation Day

It all went off fairly uneventfully which was the main aim. I was having nightmares about falling over on the platform, not being able to move my feet through fear, shaking hands with the wrong hand - we had been given instructions which hand to shake with and which hand to take the certificates and documents with - and I could just see it all going very wrong. But it all went very smoothly. The lovely lady who was presenting put everyone at ease. She spoke to each student (graduate) for a minute or two. She spoke to me about my equine specialism, about whether my horse featured in my images and whether she was good in front of the camera ('Of course she is!'), and about what I intend to do from here - so that would be more of my equestrian photography, and hopefully, eventually, shooting polo ponies in the Southern Hemisphere. We were piped in to the hall, and we were piped out again, which was a lovely experience. My only claim to Scottishness, is my birthday which is on St Andrew's day. But for that hour or so, I was honoured to be sitting in a historic part of Scotland, listening to traditional Scottish music, sheltering from very Scottish weather, celebrating shared success with about 150 other graduates.
It was a totally lovely day, and a fabulous weekend. I can say now that I have completely finished the degree - done and dusted.
Graduation Day with the family