New site for Sue's degree portfolio work only

As you know, I am now in my final year of studies to get my BA Hons degree in photography. The third year is probably the most exciting and the most challenging as all the work and studying from the first two years comes together, and has to be showcased in various ways. I have just heard that I have passed the first module of year 3 (business) - a half module which covered all the aspects involved in running a successful business, including financial forecasts, business plans, concept planning, ethical issues, and legalities.
Now I have to concentrate on the remaining three and a half modules. These involve mainly the final dissertation, and the portfolios. There are three portfolio shoots to do. I have begun two of them, which have a deadline of January, and there is the degree major project which will be due for completion in late summer 2017. I have already begun planning for the major project. The university requires that the portfolios are presented separately from existing work, although they could be presented in an existing website if they were to have separate galleries. I have decided that, in this instance, I will set up a completely separate site to showcase the work, to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.
The new site is currently under construction, and a link will be provided here, for followers who may wish to view the degree work, once the portfolios are ready.
Thanks so much for reading this, and for all your support and for the messages and emails you send me x