WarHorse On Stage

We went away for the weekend to London firstly to watch the Polo for Heroes at Fifield near Windsor in the blazing hot sun which was lovely.
It was a lovely atmosphere, really fun and chilled, like a big party really. The matches were really quite tight, and very exciting.
We had to leave before the end though to get to the hotel where we were staying overnight, for a quick freshen up, before getting the tube into London for a pizza in Covent Garden and then on to the New London Theatre to see WarHorse.
It was brilliant. It took only a few moments before you simply forgot the puppeteers were there at all, and you were so mesmerised by the whole performance. It was all I could do not to shout out when they whipped Joey, and when he reared, the front row leant back away from him.
The actors were fantastic, the puppeteers were brilliant.
I cried, of course I cried. I joked that I only cried twice. All the way through the first half, and then all the way through the second half! It's not that far from the truth! I must go and see it again, and I would recommend it to anyone, horse lover or not, as it is an incredible piece of theatre. Standing ovation at the end, with huge cheers for all of the cast and extra loud cheers for Joey and Topthorn. Fabulous!