I Only Went And Passed

So I got my results, and I passed - yay - go me!!!!! I got a 2:1 which is what I had been aiming for all the way through really. I think only one of my grades had dipped into a 2:2 in all the 4 years, some had reached the dizzy heights of a first, where the air is thin and the sun is bright, but most of the time I had settled quite firmly in the 2:1 paddock.
I did have a crisis of confidence in the final semester, with my essay which I thought was basically pants! I figured there was a reason why no-one else had written on the subject, and I think I was right!! And my portfolio project I knew I had chosen the wrong subject, but my penultimate tutor had kind of told me that the subject I wanted to do wasn't acceptable (I had already photographed something 'similar' in my personal work, and the portfolio project had to be completely new work apparently). Having said that, my portfolio did push me incredibly hard and much farther than ever before, and I have new confidence in my ability and professionalism, which can only be due to this work piece. Some of the pieces I am incredibly proud of. And I produced a book to accompany the series, which told the story of each photoshoot, and will serve to help with my future photoshoots. To my surprise, at the exhibition (yes, exhibition) the book sold - something I was not expecting at all. And it continues to sell. I have learnt loads, and I have BA Hons after my name - who'd-a-thunk-it?!!
Graduation is in a couple of weeks, in Edinburgh. My sons and husband are all coming which will be fab. I really am looking forward to that so very much.
Photography-wise, I have probably had one of my busiest summer/autumn seasons so far, with jobs of all sizes. It coincided with the end of the degree and with sending my youngest off to Uni, so it really has been a busy end to 2017. I still have a few more booked in the diary, and then I will be looking forward to an equally busy, if not even more hectic, 2018
Sue xx