The Final Leg

I got the results back for my last two modules and I am still on course for passing the degree. I am about to start the final two modules (next Monday). They are the essay module and the final Degree Major Portfolio module.
I am not good at essays any more. I used to be reasonable when I was at school, but degree level essays are a whole different ball game. I have two possible topics for the essay - one of which is terribly boring, but there is a lot of subject matter out there, and the other is more interesting, but I'm not sure how much there is on the topic to be researched. It may be quite shallow. It may not - I haven't looked into it yet, but I don't want to be 2000 words short of the count with no-where to go and nothing to say!
For the portfolio module I know what I am doing, as one of the previous modules was the preparation for this. However, it is quite ambitious for me, and I am going out of my comfort zone. I am taking inspiration from Annie Leibovitz, whose work I love, and each image will be a stand-alone image with its own narrative, forming part of a series. Horses will feature in each image, but they will not be the main subject in the image, which will be strange for me to shoot!
Everything needs to be finished by the beginning of September and then I can relax.....
Sue x