Catching Up With Rose and Archie

I have known Rose for many years, and was privileged to be asked to do a photoshoot about 30 months ago for her with Archie. She didn't own Archie then, but loved him and was building a fabulous bond with him. She was hoping that she may be able to save the money to buy him at that stage, and that her parents may have been willing to help out with transport and other duties. That wasn't their plan at the time, but, when they saw the photos, and one photo in particular, they knew that Archie was the horse for their daughter. My photoshoots aren't usually that expensive, honestly!!
So, without telling her in advance, they bought him for her birthday two years ago.
Now, two years on, Rose wanted to see how Archie has changed and matured. We all know he has - but seeing him so often it's almost impossible to know how. So we arranged another photoshoot with the handsome chap himself.
This image is one of Rose's favourites from the shoot, and I love that Archie is standing so tall now. I swear that he has grown! Love that horse x