Norfolk Festival of Polo

So I actually got to go to the Norfolk Festival of Polo at Langley Abbey this year, just like I promised myself. Actually I have been promising myself for the last few years that I will go, but this year I actually managed it!
It's held over a weekend, but we just went on the Saturday. The weather was wonderful! I was so glad that we had taken our picnic chairs with us - if I had been lying on the grass in the sunshine there would have been a real danger of me falling asleep! But not because there was nothing to see - far from it!
There were five matches, four of which were 4 chukkas, and an exhibition one which was 2 chukkas. They were all so exciting. As you may know, I haven't seen much polo - I watch far more polocrosse and am far more familiar with the rules of that sport - but it doesn't take long to get to grips with the basics of polo. And it really is exciting. Of course the ponies are beautiful, there is no doubt about that. There is just something glorious about a polo pony galloping full pelt down the field. The commentary team was very funny too, I think they forgot that the microphones were on a lot of the time!

I have uploaded several images to the Gallery area of this site, but here are my favourite two xx