About Sue Abbott Equestrian Photography

I have been taking photographs "forever", honestly, since I was a little girl my dad let me use his Voigtländer and explained all the numbers and dials to me - it fascinated me. The wait for the box of slides to be posted back from Kodak seemed like an eternity!
My absolute love of cameras has never left me, and I now have a degree in photography.

And horses - I remember biking around the block pretending I was riding for Great Britain at Hickstead in the jump off against Alvin Schockemohle and Eddie Macken..... Maybe I shouldn't have admitted to that one!!

So the natural progression was to combine my love of photography with my love of horses, and in 2012 I created Sue Abbott Equestrian Photography from my home in Norfolk.

My aim at every shoot, is to produce images which you will love. The shoots are so relaxed, and we just adapt to whatever the day brings. And we always have so much fun.

Please look at my Collections - I hope you like what you see.

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Sue x