Year Two - Tick

Today I got the results of my Year Two studies, and I have passed (YAY). The essay module was my lowest score so far, but still good enough for a solid pass, and my photography module put me in with a First. Well chuffed with all of that. So now I have Dip HE after my name, and one more year of studying to go.

Can't believe I have come so far, and the finish line is so close.

My tutor gave me some fabulous feedback in the Assessment too. I will be adding it to my CV for sure, and I will pop a small bit of it here:

A very aesthetically pleasing submission.

There is evidenced in the resulting prints an excellent competency over the operational aspects of photographic production, its technologies, systems, techniques and professional practices. That this is supported by excellent and consistent imagery is to your lasting credit.

These processes, and the skills that you have acquired and refined will support your continued development and progression to level 6 study.
The cohesive quality to the work is excellent and speaks of a burgeoning sense of your authorial voice.

The presentation and communication of the images speaks to a variety of specialist and non specialist audiences with clarity and charm.

The knowledge and understanding represented through the development and research stages of this project are excellent

Feeding forwards it is fair to say that you now have all the skills required to research, refine, rhetorically question and critically analyse the work you undertake and the projects you invest in.
This suitably equips you for the continuation of the degree at level 6 should be able and choose to do so.

Very good work Sue. Well done.

To say I am delighted is putting it mildly, I have put so much hard work into this project and I am so pleased that it has worked as well as it has.

Thanks as always to the small army of models, handlers, grooms and helpers who never fail to volunteer to help me with my projects - you are all superstars xx