Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.....

For this shoot, no horses were required, but I wanted to have some form of equestrian link so that I can use the images in my portfolio going forwards. The brief required an outdoor shoot (hooray) producing a series of related shots where the body of work has a unified look and feel.
So I decided on an Equestrian Wear Fashion Shoot at the beach, as you do.
I am so lucky to live in Norfolk and have the beautiful coastline so close to me, and Holkham beach is my favourite Norfolk beach.
As part of the project, I had to research fashion photographers which gave me the chance to look again at the work of Herb Ritts and his stunning sculptural mainly monochrome images. And Mario Testino who is always referred to as Princess Diana's favourite photographer, but his website is so worth looking at if you haven't already, for the variety of work he has done.
Anyway, the day for my shoot was chosen carefully, image plan done (very important to make sure I didn't forget any key shots) and lots of water packed as the day was hot!
Have a look at the Gallery page - the final images are there under Fashion Shoot At The Beach.
Hope you like them, as much as we enjoyed the day and the shoot xx