So Summer Is Over

What a summer that was! I know everyone remembers the rainy days, but really, it was so hot! We did have a lovely summer. Sure there was some wet weather, but that's the climate we have. I always say, and those around me will confirm this, that we are so lucky to live in a country where the weather is variable. How many of us would truly like to live somewhere where the weather never changed? I know constant hot weather may sound great, but really?

Personally I love the variations, and to be quite honest, winter is my favourite season. I love the long, dark evenings (yes I have a horse and a family) and I love the cold and the rain and the snow. I love to wrap up in big jumpers and scarves, and to walk in the rain. Really doesn't bother me. My husband hates the cold and the wet!

Just because summer is over, doesn't mean that the chance for photoshoots is coming to an end. The cooler light you get at this time of year is fabulous for photographs, and the autumn colours look great. Even when the leaves have fallen, remember that every picture tells a story.

Sue x