Degree Course

I didn't go to University straight from school (way back in1982) - I went to work, then got married and had a family and carried on working. And through all of this I still kept on taking photos, something I had done since I was a child.
My dad had let me take photos with his Voigtlander and tried to explain how to use a light meter when I was young, and it seemed second nature to me to reach for the camera to capture memories. It was him who taught me always to have a camera with me, and I always have done. Thank goodness for decent cameras on cell phones now!! I was known to carry a Minolta X300 SLR around in my handbag with me for years!!
My brother set up a darkroom in my bedroom on condition that I could watch, and of course, join in. It was like magic seeing those grainy images appear on the blank white paper every time! It still is!
So fast-forward a few years, and my children are teenagers, and I now have a bit of time to do something for 'me'. I love photography, and I love horses. And I have a business that combines the two.

I know, why don't I go to University!!

Well, of course, I can't go 'away' to uni, as I have the kids and my business, so I have to look at an online option. So that's where I found the Interactive Design Institute which runs an online BA(Hons) Degree in Photography which is accredited through the University of Herfordshire. Perfect. So I am officially a student. I am now a quarter of the way through my second year of studies. I am due to graduate in October 2017 (eek), so still a little way to go.

So far we have looked at the history of photography, at graphic design, various movements, photojournalism, cross-influences of art and photography, and many other thingsā€¦..(I can't remember!!) Oh and technology, that was one!

We also have an essay module, my year one essay I chose to write about Aerial Reconnaissance Photography in WW1. It was absolutely fascinating - I am not joking, I was hooked!

We have done various photo projects, where we are given a brief (and it is usually very brief) that we have to interpret, and produce a series of images for. We have to produce supporting work showing our research and development of the theme too.
Below are two images that I have submitted for project work. One is of my farrier, and was submitted for 'Street People' and the other is for a brief called 'Nightlife'. So not all my photography is horse related!