Just about finished the degree - yay

So yesterday I handed in the last of my degree work. My essay went in a week ago and I have just handed in the portfolio work.
The essay was all about photography and how it affects horse welfare campaigning, equine charity work, equine charitable fundraising and so on, and whether how that is done at the moment is successful or whether it needs to be addressed.
The portfolio project looked at contemporary social issues - alcoholism, gambling, affairs, homelessness, drug abuse and the like - and photographed them in a unique way. I took inspiration from a pre-Raphaelite painting I used to love from my granddad's house when I was little, and looked at how they used symbolism and communication in their paintings, and tried to replicate these in my photographs. Now that 'was' a challenge. really far out of my comfort zone, but I did it!! And I held an exhibition, which was a success too.
So, that's it. Just have to wait for the results now, and hopefully I will get to graduate in November.....
Which means I have more time back now to devote to photoshoots again - yay

So what are my plans.... Well, right now I am drinking copious amounts of coffee and relaxing

Beyond that? Watch this space.......