A Bit About Me

OK, so I am a mum to two lads - I really can't call them boys anymore as one is in his twenties and the other is well into his teens, and they are both taller than me and my husband! And as a family we have two dogs, loads of fish and a horse.

We have lived in Worcestershire, Shropshire and we now live in Norfolk. We lived in New Zealand for a few years, and it is quite possible that we will go back there to live again.
We lived near Wellington, which is my absolute favourite city in the world. I loved the harbour - I used to get the train into Welly, and the train track runs right alongside the harbour's edge - it's the most beautiful train journey into work you could wish for, whatever the weather. The coffee shops in New Zealand are amazing - and you get chocolate fish with your coffee! They should be compulsory!
The scenery is spectacular - I always say it's like living in a calendar. We were lucky while we lived there and we travelled quite extensively through North and South Island. I loved Christchurch - it was a beautiful city. We were back in England when the earthquake hit, and I cried when I saw the Cathedral in ruins. We used to use the Cathedral as a meeting-up point when we were there.

So while I am doing my degree, and photographing horses, what else do I do?

Here is something I was asked to complete recently as a bit of fun for a local student:

QuickFire Questions

Tea or Coffee
Red Wine or White Wine
Red Wine
Meat Eater or Vegetarian
Meat Eater but I could so easily be a Vegetarian, maybe I will do it. At least a Pescatarian.
*Update* - I did it - I'm now a Pescatarian!!
Formula 1 or SuperBikes
Formula 1
Dogs or Cats
Dogs - all animals really
Strawberries or Raspberries
Rock or Pop
Canon or Nikon
Flashgun or Natural Light
Natural Light
CocaCola or Pepsi

So, from that you can see that I could quite happily live a vegetarian life, drinking Coke or red wine, listening to rock music with my dogs, photographing my horse, waiting for the F1 to start. Sounds like a perfect life to me :)