Applying My Studies To My Work

As you will know if you have visited this blog or my Facebook page, or if we have chatted, I am doing a degree in Photography at the moment. It's a part time BA Hons with the University of Hertfordshire and I have just started my third and final year (yay).
One of the modules we are doing to start Year 3 (we do two modules at a time) is called 'Professional Portfolio' and within that module we, as students, have been asked to look at the online portfolios of well known photographers and see how they present their work.
So I did. And then I looked at mine. And mine looked a bit, sort of, 'lots of galleries, lots of images, too busy, don't know where to look, ah, I'll move on...'
So, I have revamped my galleries, and made them into 'Collections' and tried to select images which fit the collection title, and to be very selective about the images which are there.
It is still work in progress at the moment, but I am happier that this looks much more representative of my work as an equestrian photographer.
Sue x