Privacy Policy

Sue Abbott Equestrian Photography (SAEP) is managed by Sue Abbott.
SAEP takes the security of the information you provide when you book a photoshoot seriously.
SAEP does not collect any personal information with the intention of selling, renting or passing it on in any way to a third party.
The information which you provide to SAEP when booking the photoshoot is used primarily to provide contact details to enable arranging the photoshoot. It also provides contact details for viewing the images after the photoshoot. If necessary these contact details may be used to advise of a change to the scheduled day of the planned photoshoot, for example in the case of bad weather.
SAEP does not send information about other services or products offered.
SAEP has active social media pages which you have the right to follow or unfollow.
SAEP will post images from shoots on this website. SAEP may publish the horse's name and/or the accompanying rider's (or human's) name, often just the forename. If you do not wish to have an image posted on this website, kindly advise Sue Abbott and she will remove the image. If you know you do not wish your images to be on the website at the time of the photoshoot, please let Sue Abbott know when you complete your consent form, so that your preference can be clearly marked and noted.
Images may also be posted on social media pages. Images which appear on social media may appear with the full name of the accompanying rider(s)/human(s), as well as the name of the horse(s). If you do not wish the images to appear on social media, please let Sue Abbott know when you complete your consent form so that your preference can be clearly marked and noted. If an image in which you feature has been posted on social media, which you would subsequently like removed, please contact Sue Abbott, letting her know full details of the image, where it appears, and what date it appears, and ask that the image be taken down.
As photographer, Sue Abbott wholly and permanently retains the rights to all images.
Manufacturer supplied OS updates for vulnerabilities are applied as they are released, a software firewall is in place and an industry standard anti-virus product is installed on desktops.
Information stored can only be viewed by Sue Abbott.
If you need to contact SAEP please email